Help - Archer C60 v2.0 no space

Hello, firstly, sorry for my English.

I just entered the OpenWrt world.

I'm trying to set up my Archer C60 v2.0 with ProtonVPN.

It asks to install openvpn-openssl and luci-app-openvpn, but my router doesn't seem to have space.

That's right? Or did I do something wrong that ended up consuming space?

Thank you very much.

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You can claw back some space with auc attended sysupgrade or furmware selector:

replace wpad-basic-mbedtls with hostapd-basic-mbedtls (no more wwan or mesh)
install openvpn-mbedtls before luci app, no ssl hardware in your router to lose.
(and when overlay space is past half use auc command to move altered packages to squashfs root)

Hello, how do I do this? I really don't understand almost anything. Thanks.

They ae saying:

Given your ( (crap(!)), there is no 'nice' way of saying this if a translator lacks subtlety) : apparent skillset you do not, yet, seem to have the skills to pick and choose what you can remove form a suggested build to make this work.

If you read, carefully, you, may, have packages you are willing to give up for 'space'.
Which would require a custom build based on your skills.

It would require you to ditch this build and start over.

Hello how are you? The issue is that I watch tutorial videos with 3mb free (the same router model) and mine only has 1.31mb of total space, with only 1.1mb of available space.

I'm well, thanks for asking.

I got that,

So you need more space. How to get it?
Try DuckDuckGo and be prepared to understand you are in a 50 gallon pool and you want to put 15 more gallons in it, (purely metaphorical).

And, just for giggles:
What TY video did this to you?
We need to know so we can shoot it down.

I understand hahaha

I'll do more research and try to figure this out.

Ultimately, I abandon the idea of ​​a VPN directly on the router and open the VPN app on the device every time I turn it on.

This was the video (in relation to free space. The step by step, it has nothing to do with it):

We all go through this:

Research and research some more and when you get lost we are here for you.

I looked at the video:
I don't speak that language but it is 4 years old and I, seriously, doubt it is still applicable; as in 'up to date'.

Thank you again. I'll keep trying here and get back to you with anything. :smiley:

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They're 2 or 3 releases behind 23.05 ?

The setep-by-step:
Connect your router with a ssh client e.g. putty.
Install imagebuilder client

opkg update
opkg install auc

Check overlay space

df -k`

Move installed packages to the readonly system


After device reboots - check if it still has some megabyte space


Now the tricky part

opkg list-installed | grep wpad

Condirm it is wpad-basic-mbedtls,
... report back with last numbers :wink:

Version 19

I rest my case.

Download sysupgrade -> in case mine fails
Now customize software in system image:

Replacing wpad (wifi client and access point) with hostapd (only access point) and adding client for firmware rebuild service.
Please report back how much space you got after.
Some megabyte will be needed to add openvpn-mbedtls and luci frontend.

Note it has no gui, we first install openvpn-mbedtls, then compact it with auc client, if we are still at disk space
Or alternatively add luci packages in firmware selector as in