HELP! Afoundry EW1200

Good evening everyone, I hope my English is not bad :).
I wanted to ask the owners of the Afoundry EW1200 router for information. I updated the firmware from the original one to OpenWRT and I can no longer access the main page (
I connected the router to the pc by configuring the network card but nothing happens. Can you help me? Can I go back to the original firmware?
If I cannot return to the initial setting, is the router to be thrown away?

IN ITALIANO: Buonasera a tutti, spero che il mio inglese non sia brutto :).
Volevo chiedere un informazione ai possessori del router Afoundry EW1200. Ho aggiornato il firmware da quello originale a OpenWRT e non riesco piĆ¹ ad accedere alla pagina pricipale (
Ho collegato il router al pc configurando la scheda di rete ma non succede niente. Potete aiutarmi? Riesco a tornare al firmware originale?
Se non riesco a tornare alle impostazioni iniziali, il router deve essere gettato via?

OpenWrt's default IP is, if that doesn't help, might.

Forgive the lack of response speed.
My problem is that I can't access the router via ssh. What are the actions to do? Disconnect from the network and connect via ethernet to the computer? Which standard port should I use? I need to see the router. Making PING I see passage of packages.