Help about spi output of aruba from other topic

Hello all, there is an output at the topic of Aruba IAP 11 apboot downgrade / Invalid Instant Small Business image.
I cannot understant how to get that output. I cannot reach the topic starter and I cannot ask the topic which is closed. Can you help me about the output ? How can I get the same output, which way?


dmesg / logread

Type "dmesg / logread" to the to raspberry when its connected to the MX25R3235F ?

You need the aruba usb serial cable and connect to the device using a serial terminal.
In theory it should also work on RPi when attached to the chip using a clamp but I’m not sure.

Sorry I need more explanation if you have time. By the way I am trying to see the same logs at aruba instan on 12(305) not aruba instan on 11(303). I can connect to the aruba at serial console with putty at windows or RPI but cannot see the same logs. I am trying to see the "appsbl" data at logs. Should I boot aruba 305 with openwrt then see the logs? My mind is mixed need help

I don't know if the same process will work on other models as the AP 11 is the only one where i need this approach.

If you can boot openwrt on the AP 12, i don't unterstand why you need to check the bootloader (do you have one with old BL?). If you are able to boot a non-stock image, check "cat /proc/mtd". There you should get the information you are searching for.

As you can see in my old thread, you can extract the old bootloader from the SPL dump. Using DD you can patch a backup of the new one and write it back.

Actually, your old thread teach me lots of things when trying to downgrade the bootloader. I must confess that I am trying to downgrade the bootlader for another idea not for the only openwrt. :slight_smile: I think there is no point in discussing this intermediate step in this forum, I think you can easily guess it. I downgrade the ap11, ap12 and I will try ap15 soon when I get one. I hope you are around if I need to ask something. Thanks for the magnificent tutorial for me.