Help a little for configure OpenWrt / iPXE in http mode

Miraculously I managed to boot a lot of things with iPXE whether in BIOS or UEFI mode (dnsmasq):
Starting Debian Net Installation
A small live linux / slitaz
Starting the installation of multiple versions of WIndows in tftp WIndows PE

For Windows, Windows PE transfers are a bit slow in tftp
As I noticed that the file transfer with Samba / share is much faster with my Windows machine I would like to do the same thing in http and not in tftp

Who could help me that would be very nice?
What do I need to install? a web server, nfs?
I am completely neophyte !!!

A big thank you in advance

The last time I did this was on XP using built-in iis a decade ago. was popular back then. How to install IIS web server on Windows 10 Step by Step -H2S Media (

murraydr44 -> thanks

but the http server is for the openwrt box

I recycle mechanical disks (1 TB ) connected to USB and which are no longer used because they have been replaced by SSDs !!!

i did some tests with OpenWrt but i didn't succeed !!!

I have some MiWifi D2 ( 32 Mo Flash ROM ) used for OpenWrt !!!

Sorry, so do you want just to run http server?

I do not understand, what device you have.

it is to use the OpenWrt box as an http server

for iPXE menu i have this:

chain tftp://${next-server}/bootx64.efi
boot || goto failed
goto start

kernel http://${http-server}/bootx64.efi
boot || goto failed
goto start

for tftp run without problem

syntax for http:server ?.

and how i test if http server run fine ?

LuCI has webserver uhttpd

Start with it.

See also

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I used the openwrt router's tftpd server option to route the ipxe boot code to a Windows XP http server on the lan. These days, I use a Bananapi M1 with SSD running either openwrt or armbian. I get about 40Mbytes/sec transfer rate using vsftpd and filezilla.