Hello Im coming fro OPNsense, I would like some help on Rout-On-Stick setup

Hello, I have this setup working on OPNsense...

I use Wireguard and Surfshark. I would like to adapt it to OpenWRT in Proxmox 7.3.
I have a VM running, but not sure how to setup a parent interface with vlans 10,20,30,69 and of course vlan1 (LAN). any help would be greatly appreciated.

Generally one would not tag VLANs on a virtual interface. Instead create a separate virtual interface for each OpenWrt network that needs an external connection, and use the hypervisor to switch / route traffic where it needs to go. That may end up being VLANs on a host physical interface.

Host networking is a complicated part of running OpenWrt in a VM, and it is outside the scope of this forum. Check your hypervisor documentation.