Headsup: 17.01.2 is here

Just a short headsup: 17.01.2 is here. I just downloaded (https://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/) and it works properly. New kernel version: 4.4.71.


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17.01.2 is still being built by the buildbot.
Not yet officially here (but builds have been completed for the first few targets)

Great my router is supported WNDR 3700v4
I finished configuration of 17.01.1 today. Now everything works like i wanted. I really need to make some script or something to configure newer version like i have this one. I do not know what does LEDE save frrom GUI menu "Generate archive"
I am running on kernel version 4.4.70

The generated archive (or saving settings in sysupgrade) does save the configuration, but not the installed extra packages. So, after a sysupgrade you need to reinstall the possible extra packages with opkg.

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Does it save configuration for the extra packages? I have configured Openvpn server, transmission and NFS server.
I have compiled this version myself for my router to use 128 MB STORAGE and included some features. If i generate that configuration on my current version then recompile LEDE with the same packages this configuration backup must work right?

In general, yes. (It copies all files from /etc/config and all other files that have been defined as config files. It is upto each package to define possible config files in non-standard locations as config, but usually all frequent packages save all settings ok.)

You should be just fine with your self-compiled firmware. Just doing sysupgrade with "save settings" should work ok. And of course you should make a backup archive somewhere else.

You can see the exact list of saved config files via LuCI:
Just go to System --> Backup/flash Firmware --> open "Configuration" tab --> select "Open list" button
and you will see the list of the saved config files.

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Don't forget to backup openvpn keys in easy-rsa folder!

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I have backed up everything including Openvpn keys on my flash drive (which is connected to my router) and in my LINUX LAPTOP too.