Heads up: Most of master snapshot package downloads have been temporarily removed

Snapshots images and packages may be missing for the next few days, here's why:

Heads up, new fakeroot package has failed in a major way in buildbot, and the phase2 packages buildbot has failed to build any package for master for 1-2 days.

That has caused pretty much ALL master snapshot downloadable packages to be removed from the download server for most package archs. That means ALL opkg installable packages (LuCI, adblock, whatever) that are also used in imagebuilder. The download dirs currently contain just the empty indices.

That will likely cause a flood of bug reports, forum discussions etc., as casual user can't download add-on packages for master until buildbot has rebuilt the packages and uploaded them, arch by arch.

It will likely take several days until the last arch has been rebuilt and the packages are again downloadable. Some lucky targets will get rebuilt packages in the next few hours, while some may take 4-5 days. It will be rather random.

(Note, this does not concern the stable 19.07.3)


Looks like all package archs have been rebuilt, so the packages should be available again, both for download, for opkg and for imagebuilder.

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