Having trouble opening a port in the firewall without specifying a device


I have 2 ports open already in the firewall and they work correctly, but they are forwarded to 1 specific device.

What I am trying to do, is open some ports that can be used by any device not just 1 specific device.

When I do the port forwarding "From any host in wan Via any router IP at port # to any host, port # in lan" it does not work unless I specify a device IP on the lan.

I am obviously doing something wrong because when I test with tools, it says those ports are closed.

How would I set up:
Outbound UDP ports 19302 to 19309
Outbound UDP and TCP port 443

And have it work for all devices instead of just one?


Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but how do you expect the router to know which IP to send the data to if you don't tell it?


What @Per said, plus you are confusing opening a port with forwarding a port.

For some reason I assumed that incoming packets would be tagged with a response to the originating IP and port #, and that the router would just know to pass it through.

I understand that the default firewall allows all outbound packets through automatically, and inbound packets will come through if they are in a response to the outbound.. and that forwarding is required for things like bittorrent because packets can originate as inbound first.

And apparently, that if you're not using upnp you really have to manually set a rule for every device IP that might like to use a port #.

I was looking to optimize webrtc and a test suite was having trouble with 'reflexive connectivity' at https://test.webrtc.org/ and with my incomplete understanding, I thought that maybe the firewall was the problem, but maybe it isn't.

I have no idea what the reflexive test actually does, but according to The Internet it's expected to fail if you're behind NAT.