Have to reboot every hour, I can't seem to figure out why

Howdy there, having an issue and I wonder if anybody might have some insight.

My router keeps freezing up every hour, approximately. When that happens ICMP still works fine, but DNS requests and curl will hang. It feels like a port exhaustion kind of thing, but I don't see any connections being held up... The device is in bridge mode.

Anyway, device is a MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V2 and /etc/openwrt_version says 14.07. It's connected to UbiFi (AT&T) for WAN and the LAN is a Ubiquiti UDM. When this happens I can reboot the device and things start working when it comes back.

On the UDM I've dropped the MSS to 1388, and I don't see any device on my network going bonkers or anything.

Firewall's disabled, it's in bridge-mode, disabled UPnP, disabled WiFi (UDM connects via LAN port), disabled IPv6, no VLAN tags, lights all look good when it's failing.

Last night it failed and we kept it up, it started passing traffic in about an hour again.

Thanks in advanced!

Although not the proper way to fix things, there is a guide for that.
Your version of OpenWrt is very old and you won't find easily any help, cause it is no longer supported nor will anyone be able to replicate it.


Okay, suppose a firmware update isn't the worst idea anyway... let me try that and I'll update.

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Ha, fresh firmware update and still the same 14.07 OperWRT version.

Whelp, if anybody has any ideas feel free to chime in.

I am not able to find the router in the table of hardware. Could you point it out?

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It's vendor supplied, so it's probably not going to be on there.

Ok, then you better ask from the vendor.
If the router has not been officially supported by OpenWrt, you likely have an proprietary variant tailored by the vendor. Might be quite heavily tailored...

In any case, OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 is not supported any more. It is quite outdated.


I've seen this sort of thing many times.
"It used to be fine but recently it stops working often".
If this is an old device it is most likely a degrading component/components somewhere, often to do with the power supply.
You boot it, it works until it reaches a certain temperature and the voltage drops and it hangs up and cools down then possibly rebooting itself or needing a kick by you.
Just a guess but very common.


I'll second @bluewavenet, try a different power supply. If that doesn't help buy yourself a new one.


Thanks y'all, seems it might not be a router issue. It's an LTE router and AT&T seems to be having some issues, I've got confirmation that another person is having the same exact issue in my neighborhood.

I'd have liked a way to validate this on the router, still haven't found any logs that show any of this.

Might have to look into a newer type of LTE router that can run newer firmware at some point.