Have Sagemcom 5566 support options changed?

Following up on this thread:

It looked like there was a variety of reasons OpenWRT wouldn't support that device.

It looks like I have a v1 of this device (running BCM63138, which I know has a different architecture to the other devices) but I'm wondering if the device support issues have changed.

If OpenWRT won't work, is there any other open source firmware that might work with this? I'd hate to toss it out, it's practically brand new.


The situation hasn't changed and won't ever change (unless Broadcom does a U-turn in terms of GPL2 compliance, which is not to be expected after 20 years of the same old story), support for these devices isn't going to happen (and it doesn't help that these are rather old and slow by today's standards, so even if drivers would suddenly appear (not going to happen, just hypothetically), it's doubtful anyone would be motivated enough to look into supporting those).

With no one working on these chipsets, the mere passing of time won't change this situation - there won't be anyone working on this 5 years into the future either.

Okay, thanks for the update!

Take care.