Have a Lede-enabled router connect to the internet by wifi

I've flashed my Western Digital N750 router with Lede.

How can I get my router to connect to the internet wifi via, er, wifi (think coffeeshop wifi) ? I need to install several packages that people on another thread have suggested. Someone suggested client mode or other. If anyone could give some guidance, I'd appreciate it.

I've tried to work it out on Luci_web_console_admin>network>wireless, but it didn't seem to work. I scanned for WiFi and did try to connect to a wifi network. Unfortunately, it still didn't work.

(I realize that the usual way to get internet flowing into the router is through an ethernet cable. Later on, when everything is set up, we will use that. But for now, this is the way I'll be continuing the post-flash configuration.

with Luci: Network > Wireless > Scan > Join Network > if you want it to be a "repeater" (use the same radio for client and Access Point) don't check the "replace" box, so you keep the AP settings and only add the client settings. if you want this radio to be only used for "client mode" without an AP you can check replace if you want it it will remove the AP settings. though, i'd suggest just disabling the AP interface on the radio under Network > Wireless after you join a network so later it's simple for you to just delete this Client mode (seeing how you said it's a temp setup).

anyways, once it's added make sure it's in the right firewall zone (most likely in your case it's fine to use the wan zone). so go into Network > Interface > wwan (or whatever you called it) > edit: general setup > protocol DHCP, physical settings > make sure it's on the radio (it should be already), firewall settings > make sure it's in the right firewall zone (most likely wan).

that's really all you have to do it's pretty simple getting it connected in client mode. the only thing i'd think you'd need packages for are protocols (maybe) but if that was the case you could probably already do this step on your own.

have a nice day! :slight_smile:

edit: I assumed you had Luci but if you don't, then you can do it by the files in /etc/config/ (using a tool like winscp to connect via SCP and edit the files from Windows, or just use ssh)

/etc/config/wireless # https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/wireless

config wifi-iface
	option ssid 'MyWifi'  # the wifi name its connecting too
	option device 'radio0' # the radio we are using to connect
	option mode 'sta' # client mode
	option key 'password' # wifi password
	option encryption 'psk2+ccmp' # encryption level
	option network 'wwan' # interface name (used for dhcp and firewall zone etc)
	option bssid 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx' # mac address for the client we are connecting too (not required)

/etc/config/network # https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/network

config interface 'wwan'
	option proto 'dhcp'

/etc/config/firewall # https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/firewall
ok here we need to add it into the wan zone so find option name 'wan' and add wwan into option network 'wan' so it looks like this

config zone
	option name 'wan'
	option input 'REJECT'
	option output 'ACCEPT'
	option forward 'REJECT'
	option masq '1'
	option mtu_fix '1'
	option network 'wan wwan'

then just reboot or i guess call
/etc/init.d/firewall restart # restarts firewall
/etc/init.d/network restart # restarts network
wifi # restarts wifi

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The above looks good, but will suggest you DO set up a seperate 'wwan' interface, though you should be able to use the wan firewall rules.

You should NOT need to install any packages to do this, however be aware if you plan to change or even not use the wireless station that you may have some issues gaining access via the wireless AP (ie STAtion enabled, but not there). You will be able to access the device via cable. The issue is well documented if you search for AP station unavailable or similar.

There are a number of solutions, but the easiest 2 are to remove the station on boot or via button or search for travelmate. Remove on boot is not great solution for a stable environment. You may be able to re purpose the WPS button to run a script to remove the "dead" station. Travelmate will store a number of frequently used stations and select the first available from the stored stations.

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I would HIGHLY suggest buying a TL-WN722N and possibly a directional antenna for it.

Using a box with a single radio for this can make your life harder in the use case.

@weedy I just bought a WD N750. Plus, this OP is only for a short time. It's only for setting up the router. Once I set up my router, I won't need to connect to the internet by wifi.
UPDATE: P.S. My N750 is "dual band".

Oh, if you have 2 radios it's much less of a problem.
You'll always have access to the box over WiFi from the other radio.