Has something changed with building wireless drivers between 21.02.0 and 21.02.2?

I have a custom target for MT7621 with MT7915 Wifi (Cudy-X6 hardware). Works fine on 21.02.0.
I updated my build by merging in 21.02.2 which merged cleanly. But now when I build, the MT7915 drivers are missing from the final image.

So, does anyone know what happens to cause this?

This is my entry in mt7621.mk which hasn't changed:

define Device/custom_cudy-x6
  IMAGE_SIZE := 27136k
  DEVICE_PACKAGES := kmod-mt7915e
TARGET_DEVICES += custom_cudy-x6

As far as I know, just setting DEVICE_PACKAGES to include the driver should be enough??

Looks like my merge wasn't as clean as i thought. A small corruption was introduced into mt76/Makefile which did not cause any build errors, but seems to have been stopping the drivers building. I have fixed that and rebuilding now to be sure.

I think the firmware was split at some point
add kmod-mt7615-firmware

That's correct for mt7615. For mt7915 the firmware isn't split out into its own package.

The issue was the corrupted mt76/Makefile my wifi drivers now re-appeared after fixing that and rebuilding.

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