Hardware specification - Aigital AC1200m

Hi guys,
I recently bought Wifi repeater Aigital AC1200m from amazon, and I'm trying to install openwrt on it.
The problem is that I don't know what firmware to use because I don't know what hardare it has.

I tried to ask the productor or search on the web without any results.

Maybe this device shares the same hardware of supported device, do you know more on this device?


you've got one, take it apart, post photos.

Check if it's available in US, then you should be able to find photos at FCC.

Tried to open it without success, afraid of break.

This is the device:

Searching for fcc id seems very similar to KUWFI

Front: image

then it's pretty useless, unless you can see the kernel/boot log somewhere in the webui.

No way, the webui is very simple.

There is also a firmware upload to use (possibly the openwrt one)

well, you can try to dissect a fw image, if there's one available, to see if you can figure out what SoC it uses.

Cannot find it... :sleepy:

Maybe the only solution is to force open it.

The device has also Telnet listening on port 23 but don't know the user and password, tried the standard ones (admin,1234,root ecc...)

Try the same as for the webui, if you haven't already.

Can always email the manufacturer, and ask them, if you can find some contact info.

Looks like MT7628D (64 MB of built-in DRAM) + MT7613. No idea about flash size, probably 8 MB.



Thank you, awesome!

Yes is almost the same, probably renamed...
I will looking for the firmware

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