Hardware recommendation for WiFi-to-WiFi repeater?

I am aware of the "Table of Hardware", but I specifically look for an OpenWrt-compatible WiFi repeater to be a WiFi-Intermediate bridging from my upstairs router WiFi to my downstairs PC WiFi.

Are there any affordable devices with multiple real hardware WiFi interfaces (on different channels) for this purpose, so I do not half my WiFi bandwidth?


you can use pretty much any dual radio router as a wireless repeater, connect to the source with one, retransmit with the other.

But doesn't "dual radio" usually mean that one is 2.4GHz and one is 5GHz?

For speed reasons I would prefer a device that support 2x 5GHz.

generally yes, but there are triple radio devices.

5GHz usually have issues with passing through walls (and roofs), I can imagine the 2.4GHz signal will be the one you'd want to choose anyway.

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And how would a find a matching device?

It seems the "Table of Hardware" does not allow filtering by parameters like "dual radio", "ac WiFi", etc.

pretty much anything with a 2.4GHz and 5GHz band would be dual radio device.

Okay, how do I find a "triple radio" device?

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Linksys EA8300, becoming an older model but it does have two 5 GHz ac radios.

I don't know if there are any triple wifi 6 (ax) routers yet.


get for instance a mesh node, like the Asus Lyra, it got one 2.4GHz radio, and two 5GHz radios.


Seems there might be support coming for the Orbi too - https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3469
Netgear Orbi Pro support-booting from MMC

Another option would be powerlan adapters, openwrt support those as well.

Thnx mk24, was looking for that one :slight_smile:

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Lots of different views available: https://openwrt.org/toh/views/start
I suggest you start with https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_available_16128

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My DSL 250 is breaking down regularly during video conferences and it takes 2 minutes to re-establish the connection. I suspect that my currently used Devolo power line solution is the reason, interrupting the DSL line, therefore I am looking for WiFi.

Life has mysterious ways. Thanks to your tips, links and further research, I found that Meraki MR33 is OpenWrt compatible and has triple radio. And I just wanted to put that unused piece of hardware up for sale :grin: So now I need to find a serial adapter...

I think plan B would be the Asus Lyra MAP-AC2200, it only uses 7.2W compared to the 15W of the Meraki MR33. The Linksys EA8300 will probably require more power due to the 4 LAN ports, which I do not need.

Thanks again!