Hap ac2 not downgrade

Current firmware is : 6.48.6
Factory software is : 6.45.9

I used different methods that were introduced on Mikrotik and Openwrt site for downgrading
But when I click the upgrade button in the last step, a message saying that it is not possible to do it, please choose a more visible version is displayed.
The lowest available version for my device is 6.45.9, but after selecting and uploading and downgrading in step 3, when I select upgrade in step 4, it displays an error that I should try a newer version.

Download RouterOS v6 for the correct architecture (ARM for armv7 devices, ARM64 for armv8 devices, etc.).
Upload the .npk file using FTP, SCP, or at
Run the /system package downgrade command or press the “Downgrade” button at System → Packages in the web interface.
After the device reboots, it will have donwgraded the RouterOS itself, but not the bootloader yet. To downgrade the bootloader, confusingly, run the /system routerboard upgrade command or press the “Upgrade” button at System → Routerboard.
Reboot and then run /system routerboard print or go to System → Routerboard in the web interface to make sure that you have the “current version” that you expect

Using netinstall utility from mikrotik, you can downgrade your RB down to 6.45.9.

I used that netinstall and successfully downgrade..
But this happen..
Is it ok? Because current firmware is 6.49.10 and not 6.45.9
And upgrade button show same error as before

Just take note of the running firmware like here:


I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what you meant.. What should I do now to solve the problem? I am a newbie in this field


See here

Upgrade firmware is the current running firmware on RB

Do you mean that it doesn't matter what version it is?
It is not necessary that the current is the same as the firmware?
I was trying to update the bootloader to 6.45.9 ..
I want to use open wrt and its important to me..

You cannot downgrade RouterBOOT below the factory version (6.48.6 from your image).
You should be able to boot and run OpenWrt fine for any v6 RotuerBOOT, you will just need to use BOOTP (the default option), not DHCP, to start the netboot image.


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