Halfway thru OpenVPN setup

Some while ago, I tried to setup OpenVPN. I have OpenWRT/LuCI installed. I have a VPN service (cytptostorm.is). I have placed the .crt and .ovpn in /etc/openvpn. I have made a file in etc/config/openvpn with the following in it:

root@LEDE:/etc/config# cat openvpn
package openvpn
config openvpn 'VPNclient'
option enabled '1'
option config /etc/openvpn/cstorm_linux-your-name-here_udp.ovpn

I have placed the Cryptostorm "Token" in Initscript's Local Startup box. That token is the authorization for the VPN service.

In the LuCI gui, under OpenVPN, the Enabled check box has a check in it, the Started says "no". The VPNClient box is blank as the pull-down menu is not configured and is the purpose of this post. I tried various drop down selections, but the Started never gets to "yes". Do I need to put something in the box to the left of the drop down menu?

I want to run all network traffic through the VPN service, etherent and WiFi. I say this as I want as simple a solution as possible.

Lastly, as my ISP is AT&T and the customized NVG599 modem has no Bridge Mode, I will be using the Passthrough feature, which I assume won't be activated until all the OpenVPN work is completed?