H3s r01 firmware

Hi everyone . due to a power on problem i had to repair the h3s r01 modem and now it needs the firmware to work again. can anyone here help me? I apologize if I do something wrong, I'm not a very knowledgeable user on the subject... thank you all in advance. Greetings .

In case it isn't clear from @slh's post, your device does not appear to be supported by OpenWrt. Therefore, you need to seek help from the manufacturer of the device.

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I'm also looking for this

The device is not supported.

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Hi every one, if still required here´s the download link:


and yes! the router uses OpenWRT. Check and setup configuration before it goes to production, must make a config setup backup, and upload again.

they (pretty much) all do, it's like saying it runs on electricity ...

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: agree!

To be clear, this device is not supported by the official openwrt project. The firmware offered by @s0m3bdy is not supported here and has no affiliation with the official project. Use at your own risk.

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Of course, the firmware was extracted from a H3S OpenTogheter R01 Router and the sha256 of the file, for verification is: 0781ca0a6e04666a7897b0e1b7bfba15618b5d1235d862a8e2292ace77ba126c
file: P056IH3S_AP_R0516_V009-0714.bin
don't forget:
-connect to your router using a browser
-download the setup configuration zip
-check an modify as you need, default config parameters must be changed
-compress again and upload

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