Guide for migrating to luci-ng

I have a vague memory of asking this already and question being answered, but I couldn't find any details -- is there a better guide for migrating from luci to luci-ng than and reviewing the code of existing luci-ng packages?

I may have been mistaken but I thought the LuCI in master already uses JS/Angular (not familiar with the coding side)?

Are you reffering to or

AFAIK not just the master, was it 19.07 when the old lua-based luci apps started to need to require luci-compat as a dependency? I think it started back then. I'm still looking for a guide other than browsing other people's code. :wink:

No, I'm referring to documentation for the code linked above.

afaik luci2/ luci-ng ( has been abandoned altogether, in favour of converting the old -existing- lua based luci to javascript in place.

In the linked documentation it's the first one I've linked in my post above!
So you're reffering to

Oh, here's the link: thanks @aparcar!