Guidance building an IMX8 OpenWrt based router

I need information on running OpenWRT on an IMX8 based board(IMX8M Eval Kit). I want 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz(ac) WiFi with a managed ethernet switch and VPN capability. Has anybody started adding support for this processor?



There is upstream support but you gotta add the target manually.
But I would recommend waiting for 4.19 support as 4.14 would require backporting pretty much everything

I have similar issue.
We are working with your iMX7 Dual uCOM and we need to run OpenWrt on it.
I know that till the moment OpenWrt 18.06 only supports imx6.
If you were able to solve your problem and run OpenWrt on iMX8, can you please guide me on what I can do? What do you recommend?

If upstream kernel supports it then theoreticaly OpenWrt can support it too

From the article in the below link it seems that upstream kernel supports it.
Can you please guide me on how to step forward on checking if OpenWrt can be customized to work with imx7?

If you have similar case where somebody did similar issue, it would be very helpful for me to follow his steps.

Thanks for your help,

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Please direct iMX7 responses to @FirasKira thread on specific iMX7 question

ok I'll direct that to that question.

Does anybody work on IMX8 for OpenWRT? Any update or plan to support this processor? I need to run OpenWRT on IMX8 as well. Thanks!


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Did you find a way to support iMX8 on OpenWRT? Please let us know if you found any solution for that. Thank!


Were you able to add the target for IMX8? Can you please guide us through that?

Is there any feedback on this topic. I also work on iMX8 and need to run OpenWrt on it.