GUI/LuCI instructions

I feel like including GUI/LuCI instructions would help. For example, when I wanted to open a port and forward traffic to a local computer, I found shell instructions but no mention of where to go in the webapp. After working in the shell, I found the port forwarding tab on the firewall page, so I think the page could mention the firewall page near the top and the port forwarding tab in the port forwarding section.

As a start, I added a link to on the firewall configuration page.

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Ok, so I could document LuCI port forwarding there.

Hi ,

i want to clarify 1 thing in LEDE GUI,what ever i’ll do changes in edit sip client under phones dropdown(submenu) under asterisk tab,that is reflecting in /etc/config/asterisk

,but i want sip related changes to reflect in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, so that i can register sucessfully and i can make call’s..

how to change path of that ?
i need to enable anything to work in /etc/config/asterisk so that i can make calls???
please help me out..

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