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Not sure I'm phrasing in the subject line is descriptive, but what I have is WIFI access from a neighbor as my Internet access. Goal is to join it as a client from my wifi router, and then create my own WLAN with SSID, NAT and DHCP (with no Ethernet involved).

I'm looking to know is whether this is technically possible?
Also, any direction or tips would be appreciated.


Take a look at travelmate package, it does exactly what you need.


This is a common use case, it is called a routed client. Your devices will NAT into the wireless uplink, appearing as one device to the neighbor's network. You can use wired on your LAN as well.

The default configuration is to NAT wired and/or wireless LAN devices into a wired connection. So all that you have to do here is replace the wired WAN with a wireless STA interface that connects to the neighbors.

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"Network" -> "Wireless" ; choose the radio you want to connect (2.4 or 5 ghz): "Scan" choose the guest wlan and "join network". Put the password. The "WWAN" interface with the WAN/WAN6 firewall zone will be automatically selected.

Everything connected to your own router will get an IP via DHCP as usually and internet is now via the WWAN connection. Depending on your device (most can) you can have your own SSID on the same radio, but of course you will have to "share" the bandwidth with your "internet" connection.

All three of your comments helped me get a working setup ...after many months, finally!!

'Travelmate' seems like a great tool to try in the future, and just it's docs page provide clear info -- it especially explained the disconnects I experience when connecting wirelessly to do the config, ha.

Got it up and running just as it was explained how in the latter two posts.

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