Guest WiFi doesn't have internet access - DHCP working

Hi everyone,

I know that there are already a ton of topics out there on the same issue but the ones I have read aren't applicable to me or are too complicated for me to understand as I am not really a network dude.

So please bear with me and help me figure out what I did wrong :pray:

As usual, I followed the guide on the wiki:

I prefer web interface (GUI) so I did it that way, I have to say that the instructions on that page are confusing... the formatting can definitely use some help.

Anyway, I believe I followed all steps in that article, I made a new interface and wireless SSID for the Guest WiFi, I also configured the firewall and added rules to allow DHCP and DNS requests. I also enabled client-isolation in wireless settings.

My devices are able to connect to the Guest SSID and are getting an IP address assigned (so DHCP is working), but there is no internet access... what gives?

I tried several things but I cannot figure out what is wrong. I have my doubts on the firewall configuration:

I can drop into the shell to get info if any of you guys want me to. Thanks for the help in advance :pray:

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I was staring the issue in the face and didn't even realize it. Thanks @vgaetera.

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