Guest network with access only to one local device

I configured the guest network exactly as explained in and it works fine.

However, I found that guests may need to connect to my TV, which is on the local LAN with static IP address, not the guest LAN, in addition to going online.

Is it possible to allow the guest LAN to access additionally a single device of the main LAN? how to do it?

My workaround now is to create another wifi belonging to the local LAN and to activate this wifi only upon need: this avoids having to disclose my main WiFi password and I still get to limit the access.

Modifying this second guest wifi as requested above would be preferable but I have no idea how.

Are they going to access the TV using its IP address (or possibly name in the lan domain)? Then it simply should be enough to add a New forward rule in Firewall->Traffic rule, with the guest zone as source and the lan zone as destination, and then configure the specific IP address as destination address.
If mdns or another multicast protocol is required then it's more complicated.

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I'm using Android's wifi screen sharing. It's discovered automatically, but I'm not sure about mdns.

I can try what you suggest and see if it works.