Grub 0.97 version boatloader is not loading in openwrt-21.02

Hi Guys,
I am trying to use 0.97 version of grub instead of using grub2 in openwrt-21.02. So, I disabled the grub2 package and installed the open source grub 0.97 and generated an image .As doing so, once I load and reboot the openwrt image in vmware, booting doesn't take place. Instead it throws an error as attached below. As in case of grub2, it boots fine in vmware. Any pointers to achieve booting using grub 0.97 would really help me.

does the 0.,97 have UEFI support, or have you enabled legacy boot ?

(unsure of the terminology, since it's vmware).

why would you use grub instead of grub2 ?

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We have some user specific changes in grub bootloader. So we have an idea to use grub with those changes instead of grub2. But the open source grub itself not booting. As I can see, the grub 0.97 doesn't have UEFI support and I have enable legacy boot only.

Unfortunately grub <> openwrt, but I hope someone will be able to answer your question anyway.

Have you raised this with the GRUB or VMware community? Your own bootloader not loading is an issue with either, but none are provided by OpenWrt.

Have you considered porting those to GRUB2?

Our changes can't be ported to grub2, as some files are not available in the those upgraded version. As grub-0.97 was a older version, I had a doubt of whether it works on openwrt-21.02 or it can't.?

You're still asking the wrong question, at the wrong place. Grub has
nothing to do with openwrt, as you've already been told, twice.

Question you should ask is, if your patched grub works in vmware.

What OS you're actually trying to boot, is irrelevant.

Does your patched grub boot on a plain, non vmware host?

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