Group of tplink archer c20 v4 working together on the same network

i am doing a project to monitor and collect MACs of customers for a big store, so i have 3 routers with OPENWRT flashed on them one at the entrance, other at the exit and the third is inside, i just monitor the MACs and store them in a database.
THE PROBLEM i am facing is networking, as the have the address 192.168.1.(4,5,6) with no duplicated IPs they are on the same network but most of the time i cant ping them or ssh into them (when i can ssh it the terminal freezes)(some times it is pingable but cant ssh it), the network structure is good. Any one faced something like that before, more over i have to reboot them each now and then, rebooting will let them work for some minutes without problems

Do you have enough memory and cpu to run the monitoring program? You can verify with top,free, or htop.
Other than that, this is not normal behavior.

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thank you for your answer please find attached screenshots of the two command top and free

I think it answers your question. Your cpu is fully utilized.


please if anyone can suggest routers hardware that can handle this application, having high CPU and memory power.

You don't need airodump-ng for that. Just do it another way (e.g. get list of associated devices).

Try to lower the priority of airodump with nice as an alternative.

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An x86_64 device. You can then customize or order a machine to your specifications.

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