Gravatar picture is not updated

I've updated gravatar image and successfully refreshed it in preferences, but only once. Now it doesn't update more, I press refresh but nothing happens. For example that also runs discourse successfully refresh it multiple times.

Looks like it's some rate limiting on the site, but the last successful refresh was about a day ago.

Any update? I still can't update my user image from gravatar. @jow?

No idea about that, sorry. It's unclear to me which gravatar is supposed to be current and which not.

I see this one:

Yes, but updated fits the circuit, compare:

I've uploaded a new image with green eyes for clarity.
F-Droid's dircourse updated it asuccessfully, while pressing update on this discourse does nothing:


(kicad is also stalled now)

I have the same issue with locally fresh installed Discourse 2.5.0.beta2.

Looks like it's known issue that was fixed: