Graphical or command line tool to monitor wifi send/receive on a per device basis

I fear that my smartTV is flowing lots of data when it is not in use and that it is contributing to excessive internet usage of my metered account.

What is a good tool to monitor outgoing and incoming bandwidth of all connected devices and that reports total download/upload per device? I see luci has some graphs but they don't drill into the individual user. Another thing is my device is being used as a dumb AP with different VLANs and I know from other threads that traffic like this can be not counted under some tools.

(You can monitor the inside or outside interface, so dont be disappointed by the "external" in the title.)

  • you can also run tcpdump and specify the IP or MAC and look from the command line, but there is no straightforward way to save while running like a daemon

Maybe nlbwmon will do what you want.

I do not know if you want to install that on your router or on your AP. @hnyman may know.

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nlbwmon is probably nearest your wishes, but I am not sue if it works on a dumb AP, or does it need to be run on the router leading to ISP WAN.

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Here it seems to be suggested as Luci app…
[How to Monitor Data Usage for Each Device? - #2 by RuralRoots](Bandwith Monitoring Luci-app)


I have a similar setup with VLANs/router+AP. Installing nlbwmon on the router indeed captures all traffic. nlbwmon is a pretty amazing piece of software btw. Thanks @jow

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You should also follow this: for a CLI take on it.

Another you could take a look at based on your user case is: Migrating from Gargoyle - Bandwidth Management

nlbwmon works for me, thanks to all who helped me. I see that if you update your firmware, the backup doesn't save your database. You have to backup the database first manually.

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