Grafana on OpenWrt?

I have a router that runs on OpenWrt. I was considering to host a Grafana dashboard on it and was just asking if it is possible?


I'm sure it might be possible if you have a beefy enough device, but you're probably better off collecting the information you want and running the dashboard on another box.

Something like this:

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If you have an x86 arch you could run this in an docker container on the router. Since some month openwrt supports docker but only for x86_64.

Or run OpenWrt in a VM or container on a full-featured OS.

You can use lxc on supported platform, and also can use a chroot with the grafana arm version.
I have not tried by my own but it looks like possible

I thought the user wants to run Grafana on OpenWrt system. So I think lxc or docker would be the right technologie to achieve this in an easy way. But installing full-features OS is also possible but then you do not have OpenWrt system.

If you want to spend a lot of time sure, feel free to port Go and all dependencies but it's going to be a long road to get there. Run a full featured OS/distro instead of perhaps netdata might be enough for your needs.

I don't understand now. In OpenWrt, there was recently added docker-ce? Please see

I personal have installed a grafana instance on an APU3 with docker-ce on OpenWrt system.

He is most likely asking about native support. But yes, you can use docker etc although I don't really see why you wouldn't go for what @jeff suggested as it's much easier to accomplish and maintain.