GPON ONT's Supported by OpenWrt

Are there any GPON ONT's with built in WIFI that run OpenWRT? I know most ONT's are provided by the service provider directly. I am asking on behalf of a service provider that is looking for an ONT that runs OpenWRT.

Most ONT, the GPON side is managed directly by the OLT, but the WIFI/NAT/Routing side is more generic, and managed by TR-069

From a quick search in ToH I could only find
I am not sure if it helps, it seems to be rather old model and so far not supported officially by OpenWrt.
I guess the biggest show-stopper is the optical chip, vendors don't seem to offer open source options.

In fact...some optics are proprietary (i.e. one strand, carrying multiple wavelengths, with bi-directional [Tx and Rx] traffic).

The MA5671A is currently the only GPON ONT that can run some form of OpenWrt.
See thread: Support MA5671A SFP GPON


AFAIK, Only open source drivers (either core optical driver embedded in SoC or dedicated optical modem) released by the manufacturers or affiliates are able to be included in OpenWRT or mainstream linux kernel. Blobs may work too but it depends on how well they are documented.

Almost. While open source drivers are the best case of course, binary blobs are also okay if their license allows redistribution. Case in point: OpenWrt for Lantiq targets OpenWrt ships with a binary blob for the modem firmware -- but an older one because the newer ones' license wouldn't allow redistribution anymore.

Just a clarification:

The code that runs on the main processor as part of the kernel (AKA "the drivers") must be open source. But the code that runs on a secondary processor, like modem or wireless chipsets (AKA "the firmware") can be a blob.

Things get confusing when we call "device" to both a router and a keyboard, or "modem" to both a circuit that modules a signal and the grey box that contains a lot of circuits.