GPON module Dfp-34g-2c2 sfp


Im searching support for this Gpon Module. it haz a ZTE Chipset inside here the photos from the SFP module

ZTE ZX279125 600Mhz processor, 64Mb Flash, 256Mb RAM


Very interesting. An alternative to Intel/Lantiq xPON chipsets.
According to this image it should have UART pins somewhere. Were you able to locate it?
How about the flash dump. I'm curious what operating system this stick is running: OpenWRT or in-house.

Hi Sir, we produce this DFP-34G-2C2 module. it is our internal model.
you can download the data sheet form our website.

Skype: yong_chen5

route mode only
how change to bridge mode with vlan support ?

I just registered to reply to this. You clearly don't know how a 'hosts' file works. This file is a DNS override. This means that if, for example, you try to reach DNS, you'll be connecting to IP, which is the SFP ONU local IP anyways. That means the unit is not connecting to any remote country.

You can read more about hosts files here:

Remove WAN Connection. By removing WAN connection it will work automatically as a bridge passing all VLANs to the switch/router to which is connected.

Wow, you come here with a zero(0) contribution and a simplified view of how the routing is done. Clearly, you know the inner workings of this module better.
If the sale of your product does not go too well, there is no reason to come here and vent your frustration. You are on my " ban list"
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I'm not the maker, I'm not even from china. I'm just a random spanish user of this product. I can not stand the unreasoned paranoid as 'just because is chinese is calling home with all our personal data'. My contribution is just to clear any paranoid behaviour to help others with less knowledge with some critical thinking. Here a bit of info on this subject:

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