GPIO. no effect when defining a pin as output

Hello Community,

I need some help. I am trying to change the GPIO-11 output on my (GL.iNet GL-AR300) based board, but following the GPIO tutorial the output does not change.

Any idea what I can do or modify?

I found the solution

The AR9344 chip has a particularity that some of its GPIOs are reserved, in the case of the GPIO-11 is an array of four GPIOs (11-10-9-8) where it shares a default functionality for some reason the GPIO-11 starts with a default functionality that does not let the state change. The way I found is to add at startup to modify the register (GPIO_OUT_FUCNTION2) in the corresponding bit's of the GPIO-11 to zero.

This is the registry:

This is the final value I set:

As a reminder, first consult the data sheet and perform proofs of concept.

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