Google Wifi No USB

Hello, I am new to this OpenWRT world but would really love to get into it. I have a set of 3 Google Wifi devices which I picked up roughly a year ago. I was looking into flashing them with OpenWRT, however, upon going over the instructions I found that my devices do not use USB-C for power, and instead use the usual round connector. The model for these is GJ2CQ.

Is there any way to get OpenWRT on these or am I out of luck? I looked around inside and I see a power port, 2 ethernet ports and a button. Nothing really in the way of another port to use in developer mode, etc.

Thanks in advance.

The publication found information on a new device codenamed "Breeze" with a "GJ2CQ" model number that fits the scheme of the rest of Google's smart home lineup. This model number can already be found in the Google Wifi app as part of some code responsible for checking whether a device "is Gale" — also known as the original Google Wifi, pictured above. The code essentially verifies whether a router is the new Breeze device or the 2016 Google Wifi.

Looks like the older version with USB C required a special cable to get OpenWrt on there.

Unless these new ones have some sort of serial or debug interface inside them? I'd say you are most likely out of luck.