Google Wifi flashing - help


I am following the instructions here:

I get to stage 4 (plug the usb in), and ... it never gets to stage 5. The LED does not turn off.

Can anyone that knows what they are doing help?

The powered hub seems to be working? It is supplying power. I cannot know whether it is sharing out the USB disks. It is one of these:

Obviously I have no disks plugged in while I perform the reset, and only plug one in when it gets to reset mode.

I have tried with 3 different USB drives, 2xUSB2, 1xUSB3.


according to
4. Plug in USB stick containing Recovery image
5. LED should turn off, and recovery begins

Note that Recovery mode does not appear to work with all USB drives (for example, some newer USB 3.0 flash drives). If the device appears not to be accepting your USB drive, try swapping for a different one.

I do not have the device, but sure bet, the USB stick is not accepted, if the LED won’t turn off. Try a different stick.

My Google Wifi 2016 arrived today and I will be trying this at the weekend with a powered usb hub.

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Well, I've just tried by 5th USB key - one older USB2, one newer USB3. No joy.

Would be keen to hear of your progress.

How is it going?

Not bad, currently got four of them to get into, plus a dead gj2cq to take apart.

Just getting setup

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Ha, plenty to be working on then!

If you manage to get it working I would v much appreciate if you could share product details of the powered hub & usb disk you succeeded with please. - and any other feedback.


Why are you using the hub?

According to the wiki page:

Tools required:
USB-C hub with power-delivery (to support both USB storage and USB-C power supply)

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How are you coming along with this?

I ran through all this for several hours last night. Couple problems.

  1. When going through the recovery on the wifi point it never reboots and pulses blue. I get a solid blue for an hour or two and eventually I'll unplug power and boot it up myself. Then I get pulsing blue and the device is factory reset. Is that ok?

  2. When loading openwrt onto a flash drive is there any steps to prep the drive or just dump the .bin file onto the drive? I'm not seeing any steps in the installation instructions and folks have mentioned running dd here but the instructions aren't there now. When I reboot after hitting sw7 it doesn't seem to boot up with the new firmware. I'm never able to ping the device and eventually it reboots flashing purple again.

Think all I need is to confirm why it's not booting the openwrt file. Then I'll be grand.

Any tips? Thanks folks!

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What USB hub are you using Craic? You seem to be getting further along that I am …

I've tried 2 separate hubs. 1 apple hub that came with my MacBook and another generic one I've had laying around. Says it's a Dadocool model DC30 USB-C to 3 Port USB 3.0 Hub. I had to try 5 different USB flash drives before I could find one that seemed to work with the recovery image. Both hubs worked for me.

Thanks, I’ve got my hands on an alternative hub, I’ll try that. My 5 USB disks were varied & included pretty old school 2.0 ones so I’m not convinced that’s where the prob is.

All the best with it, cheers

Let me know if you are able to get it running. I'm not sure how to get it to boot openwrt from the USB unfortunately. Never able to ping the device and it eventually reboots and flashes purple.

Okay, three of mine are ac1304, one is the gj2cq, and only one is a nl1304...

I'm curious why only the 2016 is supported.

Trying at present to get Openwrt working

The simple and natural answer would always be, because that's the only version the original porter had available…

If you want support for new/ different devices, 'someone' will have to do the necessary leg-work - if in doubt, that 'someone' will end to be you, yourself, because you're the only one with a) the hardware and b) the motivation to get it supported.

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I also wanna step in and say it doesn't seem like he's the only one. At least I have already 3 devices running one of them is an AC-1304 and 2 NLS1304. All worked with the wiki procedure, but I needed a USB splitter. No luck with hubs so far.

Unfortunately now I got another ac-1304, but can't get it to load factory image. In my case the same stick worked already on 3 devices. So I guess there has to be something else wrong.

@MightyCraic You need to burn the openwrt.bin to a stick, that means you need to extract it. I used the image writer of Ubuntu and it worked to get openwrt running.

I also ordered now a USB-c breakout board to build an own debug cable that is described.

But I would need help to step up. I guess there is a newer version of Google software installed that prevents the old factory reset...

Would appreciate if there is still development ongoing


@hecatae did you manage to get gj2cq with the round power jack running?

The one I had was proper dead, got it from eBay for next to nothing so took it apart but apart from that no joy.

Did you use a serial log to debug?