Google Summer Of Code 2021

Hey, I am Aditi, I was hoping to contribute to freifunk this summer as a part of GSOC 2021 and was interested in "OpenWrt device page" project, can anyone tell me where to get started? Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you explain that little bit more please?

This is only official information of Freifunk

My personal opinion: Before doing any coding, the first step should be to evaluate what the users want and what exactly is needed by the users. Then make a plan how the new devicepages should look like and what information should be shown on them.

When a presentable plan is available, and only then, users should vote publicly in the forum.

If first the coding is done (without asking the users), then there's the risk that the new devicepages will make it more confusing for the users, instead of making it easier for them. I see this risk as rather high.

The GSoC is a three month program which includes phases like "evaluation of current state", designing of solutions" and "implementing". In case we work together with @Aditi-1400 that would all be handled.

Overall I like the idea of having another GSoC, @thomas would you be interested in becoming a mentor?

I'm tempted to say yes, but I'm quite busy and would like to avoid doing the job half-heartedly due to missing time on my side. I can certainly assist here and there, but nothing too time intensive.

It's usually not too much work and we could also co mentor.

Have you made any progress here?