Google spelling OpenWrt wrong

Out of curiosity, doesn't WRT come from:

So perhaps OpenWrt should actually be OpenWRT?

What does WRT stand for? Wireless Router Technology?

But OpenWrt is not necessarily for use on wireless routers anyway, right? I mean it can be used on just wired routers.

So perhaps OpenRouter would actually be better?


But now we have switches and AP also.

To be honest I have always written it like OWRT or OpenWRT…

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Maybe OpenNetworkTechnology if anything actually need changing?

But “WRT” in capital letters is used on pretty much all boxes that home routers comes delivered in.

OK I'm going to stop my cheek and potentially causing offence by butchering the logo now, but I do personally quite like these alternatives :smiley:.


So this exact question was actually talked about at 2018 in this forum without any real conclusion and now we wounder why Google didn’t get it right😂

But on the other hand we aren’t a company and web addresses really doesn’t care about capital letters.

So as long as google send them here everything is probably fine.

OpenWrt is a registered trademark, and as such, should be reproduced the way it is intended to be.

If GOOgle does not even get this simple fact right, then what else is gooGLE borking up? What else is gOOgle manipulating in the wrong way?

I don't want gOoglE to teach / dictate wrong stuff.

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OpenWRT is a grammatical error with capitalization. It is not a spelling mistake.

gogle is a spelling error. oOgle is both spelled incorrectly and has capitalization error.

Please correct the title to this thread and contact gooble support for futher assistance.

The title form "(page title) - (site name)" indicates that this is a title Google generated itself because it thinks the given title is not "good enough":

Google Search tries to determine if the element isn't accurately showing what a page is about. Google Search might modify the title link to better help users if it determines that the page title doesn't reflect the page content. For example:

Stuffed animals - Site Name

As for why they are misspelling the OpenWrt brand, Google's database might very well think that "OpenWrt" is correctly spelt "OpenWRT".

As with so many things Google it's basically a black box, and despite a horde of "SEO specialists" trying to tell and sell you otherwise, all "analysis" is conjecture. Google doesn't give out reliable ways to modify the search results, and they never will, because they can't. If you could directly and reliably manipulate search results it would risk jeopardizing their core product (search results) driving their moneymaker (adwords).

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So if something wrong reaches a critical mass, then google is convinced that this is right.
If only enough websites state that 2+2=7, then google will show this to the whole world as true.
Brave new world. Tuttle or Buttle, who cares?

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Haven’t Google and most of internet always been like that. And most “likes” are correct. And the ones that pay most get most exposure.

Brazil :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be fair, truth is dead isn't it? One can make one's own truth in today's world.

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Not Guilty

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Fair is foul and foul is fair, after all.

I looked at the post for a good minute trying to figure out if my brain was broken because I kept thinking 'where is the typo?'

lol, it's all in good fun, but I do hope GooVle will correct their error.