Good router that will make me happy (WPA3, Wi-Fi 5, 50-70€)

Hello OpenWrtians,

I am looking for a decent router that is as secure as possible. I would like to install open-source software on it aimed at future development. I would like the router to be supported with updates in the future.

Few months ago I came across a simple TP-LINK Router Archer C64 AC1200 router, which seems to be sufficient. I ordered the router, opened it and.... I have read that OpenWrt software cannot be installed on it. This router has WPA3 protocol, which is crucial for me. The specifications of the router also indicate that it is sufficient for me. Wi-Fi version 5 (or 6) is also adequate.

And now the question: could I ask you to recommend an equally cheap, simple and modern device that I can purchase? I have no intention of building it from scratch, it has to be small and good (looking). A minimum of effort other than learning to use OpenWrt. The amount of $50/60 I consider reasonable.

I will be very grateful for your help, this is a topic that has been following me for several months.

EDIT: I live in Europe.
EDIT 2: Idea of buying Chinese, surveillance devices makes me a little bit sick.


Are you in US ?

Recommendations will vary depending on your location.

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I live in Europe so it could be 50-70 €.

  • Cudy WR3000 [$60] (info)
  • Xiaomi Redmi AX6000 [$63...$80] (OpenWRT installation is a little more complicated than Cudy WR3000)

MR70X or a multi pack of the WSM20, then sell the surplus.


Mostly above your money limit, but:

tries to figure out what decent router's are available right now, that are suited for novices.


What is your Internet link speed? Is there anything specific you’re looking to do, like SQM, VPN or some other 3-letter shortcut?

If you are below about 300 Mbps GL-MT3000 might be a good choice. Plenty of RAM and flash means a long OpenWrt life.

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nowhere near 70€ though ?

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@purplehepatica changed $ -> € in topic.

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It is now 80 € (with a coupon) at a particular worldwide online retailer of everything (German branch).

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Indeed, I see that GL.iNet GL-MT3000 is pretty affordable (about $80). I was sure I could fit in the price of a TP-Link or some cheaper Asus ($40/50), but it looks like the MT3000 prevails in terms of built-in memory and RAM. What I care about is that the OpenWrt software should be "always" (as long as possible) up-to-date, and some TP-Link / Asus models, for example, have the maximum OpenWrt software 23.05, but not 23.05.3.

Among all these routers MT3000 looks the most reasonable, the only major drawback is the number of RJ-45 ports, although I'll frankly admit that I practically do not use cable connections (only in emergency situations when Wi-Fi does not work).

I've also seen other, more expensive GL.iNet devices, but I think that would be well beyond the money limit and simply unnecessary. Although some small part of me would like to find something much cheaper and just as good....

It runs at "exactly" 300 Mbps. I haven't had the opportunity to play freely with an open source router before (usually it was native TP-Link or Asus software), but I'm curious to see what could be run on it (I'm eager to learn about the advantages of a custom VPN and what SQM is). It would certainly be nice to run DNS over HTTPS and maybe an ad-blocker. On top of that, adding entry security to the router via Yubikey would be awesome....

Cudy WR3000 router seems great, but 16 MB of built-in memory is a bit discouraging in terms of future support. I think this is where it is worth paying extra for the MT3000.

Installing OpenWrt on a Mercusys MR70X is probably a bit complicated.

Probably I will buy GL.iNet GL-MT3000. I have bought it. It cost me about 80 EUR / 87 USD.
And then I will be able to learn how to manage the OpenWrt system and gain knowledge on how to maximize router security, so that I know what, how and why.

Thank you all!

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