Good news for OpenWrt MT76 drivers

Tested with WIFI ax CUDY 6 in relayd configuration

WIth OEM drivers

With OpenWrt Firmware Version 22.03.3 r20028-43d71ad93e
Kernel Version 5.10.161


Not perfect for uplink but very good for downlink

still think the non-vendor mt76 driver pretty much the only way to go for usb wireless on linux, it has been reliable for years
I have an old comfast MT7612U adapter that has even been working reliably in AP mode for a while now as well, i'm not sure if latency is super great but as far as just having tablets do basic media around the house it's fine, 32+ megabytes/sec in both directions connected to a rock64 running openwrt

Posting speedtests in the developers section should be something interesting.
But I only see speedtests. Where/what's the news?


Which model may I ask? I am looking for USB one nowadays.

You are testing two features simultaneously: routing and wifi. How do you know the one that is the bottleneck? The relay means that you are using another wifi, so another bottleneck?

  • perform LAN (eth) to LAN (wifi) bandwidth, with iperf3 and you will test the wifi efficiency.
  • perform LAN (eth) to WAN(eth) bandwith (with speedtest if you want) and you will test the WAN.

Just for info, the snapshot includes a patch that enhance HW offloading for even better performance. It will be available in the next major release. Does someone have perform test with kernel 5.15? I'm eager to test.

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Check out

Agreed, moved to the general section. There is nothing develop-y about this.


sorry but i not use wan ... ( relayd )

Computer <- Lan -> OpenWrt WIFI 5 GHZ <- LiveBox 6 Orange -> Fiber 2 * 1 Gigabits

OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r22125-52ddb38469 / LuCI Master git-23.039.28596-41e9b8d
Kernel Version 5.15.94

Improvements with firewall -> Software flow offloading

download very good, but still weak for upload

You do use WAN on the OpenWrt router. No need of relayd, it's a double NAT.
So apparently you have better result with kernel 5.15? I will install kernel 5.15 on a EA7300v2 in a few days. Stay tuned.

I have to use wwan / relayd because it doesn't work with my LiveBox 6

-> With very old OpenWrt 17.01 & OEM drivers , PandoraBox or Padavan don't have to use relayd

Try to setup the Livebox in bridge mode (ok ... I'm asking for fun, I know the answer), or use a double NAT.

no possibility as:
Computer <- Lan -> OpenWrt WIFI 5 GHZ <- LiveBox 6 Orange -> Fibre 2*1 Gigabits

Run only Computer <- Lan -> OpenWrt 2 WPS <- WIFI -> OpenWrt 1 WPS <-Lan -> <- LiveBox 6 Orange -> Fibre 2*1 Gigabits

Still a little effort for upload speed

Also the STA/AP functionnality with my Livebox 6 (as with OpenWrt 1 WDS <- WIFI -> OpenWrt 2 WDS) so without using the relayd
As Pandorabox , PADAVAN, OpenWrt with OEM drivers & ....