Good 2.4ghz Router That Works WIth DD-WRT

Hello, First post here and I am a little confused. I want to run DD-WRT to collect wireless IoT sensors all around my house. This wont be used for internet but rather home automation.

I want to get one of these routers.
The only real requirement is that it has 2.4 ghz and a single lan port to connect to a application/db server. I dont need the latest and greatest everything but I look for rock solid reliability.

Can someone please tell me which one of these will work? Comments are confusing and some people say DDWRT will work others say it wont.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give

Well then best to ask on DD-WRT forum and not OpenWrt Forum :wink:

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Dohhh i thought this was that forum. What is the difference between openwrt and ddwrt

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Best to check the internet for that answer


dd-wrt looks prettier but is not as functional as OpenWRT.
I find the dd-wrt forums quite hostile compared to the OpenWRT forums.

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For DD-WRT, the R7000 works very well (2.4 GHz and 5.0). For OpenWRT, the R7800 is my recommendation.

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