Going snapshot from stable

Hey, I must use latest snapshot release for Archer C7 v5, I'm currently on stable 19.07.3.

Can I use luci UI to flash snapshot? Or do I need ssh customized sysupgrade commands? I just want to make sure I don't brick the device.

yes, the flashing process is identical no matter cli/luci...

of note;

  • some models have quirks usually in the other direction ( 17.x > 19.x ) etc.
  • the software on the router AFTER the flash won't have luci
  • don't keep settings ( largely takes care of point 1 ) backup manually and restore manually
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thanks, so i will flash the sysupgrade bin without preserving settings on luci web.

other thing is, is it true that i wont be able to install packages after a day? how can i get around this limitation?

the two most common ways are either to;

  • periodically re-flash whilst keeping a script/list of stuff to install immediately ( you can keep settings )
  • use the imagebuilder ( or buildroot ) and pack everything in pre-install phase ( which will likely rely a bit on option one anyway )

i want to flash one last time and forget.. so i will quickly install packages i need including luci and thats it.

One solution i use is luci-app-attendendsysupgrade
A luci interface for online imagebuilder and upgrading on latest snapshot.

thats so clever! but chef site is not working, says wait 5s forever.

If your image is building it can happen that timeout. Try it again.

All went well, its better than the stable release. thanks for all the replies!

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