Go to release build AX3000T

hey, i've bought a Xiaomi Mi Router AX3000T with OpenWRT pre-installed
the version of OpenWRT is OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r25004-b463737826)
the disk space showed in LuCI is 38mb but it should be 128mb
how can i use a stable version of openwrt on this device ?
do you have any ideas about why disk is 38mb ?

There is no stable release version of OpenWrt, supporting this device, yet.
Only snapshots available for now.

okey so this device comes with passwall2 pre-installed and there is only 38mb of storage
do you have any idea how can i reinstall a clear version of snapshot ? when i perform reset the passwall and default setting are not going away

It's best to use the https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org.

Check the exact Model in your status page.
If it mentions U-Boot layout, you have to choose that image.

If you are not familiar with using snapshots, read this, about the differences:

there is no u-boot mentioned, should i use the normal version ?
is there going to be a release version of OpenWRT for my device ?

Yes, just use the normal version.
You can flash the sysupgrade image via LuCI.

If you need additional packages, you can customize the package list.
There is a dropdown Customize installed packages....

I can recommend installing luci-app-attendedsysupgrade.
It makes it easier to upgrade, when using snapshots.
It keeps your installed packages, so no need to use firmware-selector every time, or reinstall all the packages manually.

Yes, at some point there will be a stable release for this device.

u-boot version maximazes the flash space for additional packages, you don't seem to be using it.


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it doesn't, seems the previous owner installed it.

you'll never get 128mb available flash space though, around 100mb is more realistic