Go faster with dnscrypt - use commands from github?

In the github article it uses different commands than are shown in the comments of LEDE at /etc/config/dnscrypt-proxy. (The github page: https://github.com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy/wiki/Go-faster)

Am I reading the LEDE comments correctly (/etc/config/dnscrypt-proxy) that to set "BlockIPv6 yes" I should use this command:

option block_ipv6 '0'

And to set "LocalCache on", I should set this:

option local_cache '0'

What makes you thinkg "yes" and "on" translates to "0" (== number zero)? I'd assume with dnscrypt its the same as with every other software: 0 means off, 1 means on.

Those "go faster" options are not supported in the LEDE/OpenWrt package as it's not compiled with plugins support.


What made me unsure was the way the comments were staged, which made it read like uncommenting would turn it on (but the command was using 0 which seemed odd to me). Regardless, it wasn't clear to me, hence why I posted seeking clarification.

Perhaps those comments should be removed if plugin support is not enabled. And if the plugins are supported later, then the comments added back in.

Many people are running powerful routers nowadays. Too bad it's not supported.

Are you referring to this wiki page?

The table containing the two options you're asking for is headlined with the following note:

This options are not supported (at this moment), because DNSCrypt compiled without plugins support:

No, I saw all the comments at /etc/config/dnscrypt-proxy. That's how I learned of it. I assumed the comments wouldn't be there if it wasn't operational.

Is it possible for LEDE to release 2 versions of dnscrypt, one compiled with and one compiled without plugins support?

I have one question about dnscrypt.

I have configured it on my lede router. When i connect to wifi it uses dnscrypt.
I also have openvpn server and even from vpn network it's using dnscrypt.
But on main page for wan port information lede shows my ISPs dns servers

here is a pic

Is this normal behavior?