Global English International firmware extraction from a Xiaomi Redmi AX1800 - RA67 (DVB4258GL)

Hi everyone! I've got my Redmi AX5 WiFi Router from Aliexpress DVB4252CN model with a Chinese firmware.

I Also discovered that there is a Xiaomi AX1800 model exists (DVB4258GL) which basically is the same hardware model (RA67) and is a global version of the previous one and most probably has an international English firmware.

What I want is to order the DVB4258GL model and somehow extract or get a link to the global firmware file from it and return the router back to the seller during a two weeks term to have a refund in order to flash the firmware over my Chinese router to make it's interface the English one.

Can I kindly ask you for help to get the firmware file when I have the device?


I'm desparately looking for the global firmware for the Xiaomi AX1800 router too.
It looks like it is not yet released :frowning:

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I already have one: AX1800 RA67, global version. I dont have found the link of the global firmware on the Internet.

How I can extract the firmware from him?

As far as I understand, there is no way to extract it at the moment.
We have to disable the Automatic update installation in the Miwifi app and wait until the update for the global firmware appears.
Then, you don't have to update.
Log in to your router's web interface in the browser, after logging in, the URL would look like:;stok=1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz/web/home#router
Then you have to modify the URL to make it look like:;stok=1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz/api/xqsystem/check_rom_update
After that you will see a direct link to the firmware update you got, like this (I took the Chinese one to bring an example):

Again, this method would work if you've got an update but there is no update for a global firmware so far.

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I checked here, but how you said there is no update for the global firmware on it. I will check in other days too.
I also had an AX5 with Chinese firmware where I would like to replace it with the global version.

The global router still hasn't received any updates? Could you check the current firmware version on the router page?

I was able to locate a global version in the firmware here:

There you will find this link, I downloaded the firmware and tested it on my Chinese AX5 router and it is working.

One detail that commented on this forum is that the global firmware has a reduction in power compared to the Chinese firmware, but it's not a problem for me.

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