GL-MT300A and OpenWrt

I just bought the router above and although it came with OpenWrt and the GL web interface installed, I decided I wanted to run the current version of OpenWrt and luci. Installing OpenWrt and luci seems to have gone fine and I am able to use the web interface as well as SSH into the unit.However, "" it seems to suggest I also should install:
kmod-rt2800-usb yes Kernel support for USB interface
kmod-sdhci-mt7620 no Kernel support for MMC (optional sdcard)
kmod-usb-storage yes Basic USB storage support
block-mount no Storage auto-mounting (note: not all filesystems are supported)
kmod-fs-vfat no FAT filesystem support
kmod-fs-exfat no exFAT filesystem support

After first running 'opkg update' and then continuing with 'opkg install ....' for reach of the above, I run into an error 255 for the second one and for each following one. I am also not able to install
openvpn-openssl for the same reason.My understanding is that this may be because an earlier package may already have installed a particular module/package and then opkg bails out, presumably without installing everything it should. Is this correct? If so, how do I work
around that?

Another question, I would like to use a key to ssh into the router but copying the Dropbear public key into the public key field in luci does not seem to allow this, I have to continue to use the
password to log in. What else do I need to do to get key login to work?

Last question, sometimes when I try to use ssh to log in, I get an error message that the key received from the router was incorrect and that the exchange was not completed. Again, how do I fix this?

Thank you.

I am sorry, I should have been clear on my question: does anyone know if instead installing the latest version of LEDE have the same problems?

Thank you.

Hi there,

I have installed 17.01.0-rc2 on a mt-300a without issue.

Have installed OpenVPN client and it is running ok.

Why are you still using rc2?
17.01.0 is already available...

Hello Hfie. Did you notice a slow wifi downloading speed?
I opened a post about that: MT7620A Wifi very slow. Is there any driver issue?