Gl.Inet GL-MT1300 (beryl) available for testing

i have acquired the device in the subject and have network and system programming experience, but zero embedded device experience, i had to follow the most basic howto to get the router flashed.
So far i had luck getting ethernet working, but the second wifi device is always "disabled" and shows no networks, while the first device scans correctly but does not seem able to associate.
How can i help the community and the people working on this board? suggestions?

According to;a=commitdiff;h=d89a7f0120db42d4fae1656e1860ef49523acabb, the gl-mt1300 only has a single physical radio (MT7615D). Normally this only allows connecting to a single band at a time, but Mediatek has developed DBDC mode for this particular chipset - which is supposed to serve both bands at (virtually-) the same time. This not only comes with a performance penalty, but driver support is also said to be still a bit sketchy…

Disclaimer: I haven't had access to devices with MT7615D and DBDC mode so far, so I can't provide further guidance on configuration or functionality in general.

thanks for the reply!
didn't know that, from the luci interface and the ip a command on the host it seems as there are two distinct devices that get detected as wlan0 and wlan1, so i hoped it was sporting two different radios that could be used to get two real fully fledged access points.
do you have any pointers to the current effort in supporting that specific chipset? from reading around it seems that gl.inet has been relatievly friendly to the open source community in general and the openwrt project in particular, they are providing openwrt-only images for other devices, do you think the sketchyness of the driver is due to it young age?

Have a MT1300 here but looks like 19.07.7 didn't ship support in spite of the tech data page saying that support was added some time ago (

Any idea what the status of support is for this device?

i have used the following image to flash it (as specified on the page you linked) and it is booting and some stuff is working, but there seems to be two wireless devices (only one of which can actually accept commands, even if the radio remains off) and the WAN network does not seem to work. i think until they (gl inet) release the modified firmware it's going to be not easy, see slh's comment above.

@uovobw when did you download the snapshot, was it a recent build? OK, that's probably why it's not been released officially then. Guess I'll stick with GL inet's version for now. Shame cos everything else I have from GL inet has had instant support, but guess this is a new and awkward chipset.

i donwloaded the snapshot around the second week of january. there should be a newer build though, i'll test when i get home

I am considering to buy this. How is the support? Better or worse than ar750(s)? Should I buy?

@uovobw @howels advice?

@system1 not sure yet, tbh, i have had 0 time to look into it again. i'll be afk for the rest of the week, after the 30th i'll be able to flash the new build and see. what makes me not too optimistic is that on the gl-inet page there is yet no openwrt image as there was for other devices, so i'm not sure if the support for the wifi chip will have made it into the build. once i flash it and test i'll update.

after A LOT of time i have had time to come back to this device, flashed the latest firmware ( from ) currenty using OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r17245-ac4e8aa2f8 and i can say that i am amazed by it: wireless fully working, with amazing speed and reliability, i was able to configure radio0 to be a client to my wireless network and radio1 to be a wireless access point using mixed wpa2/3 encryption, i was able to sustain 250Mbit/s with 3 devices connected. the support for the device has improved enormously, it's finally a device that i can recommend. thanks for the patience everyone.


@system1 i forgot to @ you in the previous post, sorry!