GL.iNet GL-B1300 suitable for cake QoS shaping on a 200/10 line?

Hello. I'm curious if this router would be suitable for cake QoS shaping on a 200/10 line?

Yes, I could shape 500Mbps combined using this router LAN/WAN, but you need to pay attention to how network interrupts are distributed across the cores. By default, only a single core is used and that will be slow. Distribute the load across all cores and you can easily cake shape your line.

Awesome, thank you for the response and insight, I'll be looking into this.

Edit: hey could you point me in the right direction on doing that, dstributing the load across all cores. Thx

Hey. Were you talking about the irqbalance package?

It is probably sufficient for your line, give it a shot first. There is a more involved way to do this, but it is not as simple.

Alright. I actually haven't purchased the router yet on amazon but do you think there's a easier alternative, say like a SBC, Switch, and Wi-Fi AP? If so any ideas? Thanks for taking the time to respond to this post, much appreciated.