GL.iNet GL-AX1800 (Flint) User's Discussion

I'm looking to buy the GL.iNet GL-AX1800(Flint). Does anybody here have one and can share their experience with it? Would you recommend it to others?

Start by reading GL-iNet AX1800 new router - OpenWrt support?

I have but that discussion is developer-focused. I'm looking for opinions from regular users who may or may not test new firmware.

the thread reflects the status, device support is still WIP.

I'm looking for what people think of this router while using the stock firmware right now. Full Openwrt support feedback comes later when it happens.

Then you're in the wrong forum, gl.inet have one of their own.

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Now why would I go to a forum that is biased towards one of of their own products? Please don't tell me where I can post. This thread is exactly where it belongs.

Then please go to a neutral forum, not one that is biased towards OpenWrt.


@tmomas beat me to the reply...