GL.iNET Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) discussions

Yes you use the Sysupgrade image


Excellent! I have two on order.

Excellent! I have two on order.

Me too but they changed the expected shipping date to:


They started shipping 11/20 but have a backlog of orders.

I updated based on comments by @solidus1983. Can @solidus1983 (and anyone else who is knowledgeable on this) please check that my changes are correct and clear?

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Thanks for this!

And an update, I just got a shipment update from Fedex, label was created so shipping will start soon.

I guess the topic will soon get a lot more busy as well, once people start receiving their orders....

Just got a shipment update from Fedex too, it should arrive for me Monday. Although not sure how I will pay any import tax if it's needed, thinking it might be turned away since I won't be home during the day and hopeuflly I can pick it up at their facility.

Nevertheless, looking forward to tinkering with this, and if it's all good replacing my WRT32X + U6 combo with the GL-MT6000.

It's probably too late for that now, but with Fedex the best approach would be to create a credit card backed account at their site and allowing them to do the customs handling for free. Without that, they can still handle it for you, but for a rather steep handling fee.


Same, ordered Nov 16, just got a FedEx email.

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Also mine in that status...


You need to adjust the Installation section

Keeping Gl-iNet's Uboot:

1) Remove Power from the router
2) Press and Hold the reset button
3) Apply power whilst still holding the reset button 
4) After 5 seconds head to
5) Flash OpenWRT

Upgrading after simply use the same file type via LUCI on each upgrade.

The OpenWRT uBoot flashing is a complex one as it will require a TFTP server and a UART connection. So for the sake of less router bricks i would remove the OpenWRT uboot bit.


Mine arrived early on Friday. Had it set up as an AP to test but swapped with my Edgerouter lite yesterday after exporting my static DHCP leases with a script.

So far, so good. It’s pretty powerful, has been working fine so far. Tested the 2.5Gb speed with iPerf against my Unraid box on 10gb and got the full speed which was impressive.

Only thing I have started to understand might be odd is the multiple wan support. Seems like this might be implemented with mwan3, which uses iptables and might causes issues, but I am not sure.

I added a rule using the firewall menu in Luci to block some things by MAC address and it seemed to work.

I am using multiple wans, but I may drop this config after finally getting reliable internet.

I ordered mine on October 28th, no shipment e-mail so far.

Hey guys, I was planning to buy this. Snapshot builds apparently support this device, but wanted to check if anything was not working, and if I should pull the trigger

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Check Gl inet forum, there is a post with documented bugs from people who received already their unit

I should have posted that earlier, as I got a shipment notification today! :slight_smile:

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Received mine today and have it flashed with SNAPSHOT using the instructions above. Initial attempt to force flash the factory image from the luci interface seemed to fail but the sysupgrade after a reset worked.


Is there somebody who already uses the OpenWrt uboot and can kindly share a manual how to do it with the TFTP?


I have done the OpenWRT Uboot flash before, however its super risky and can if done incorrectly cause a brick.

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