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I flashed the snapshot firmware, and it has been working good so far, I wonder when it will be added on a stable version. Great OpenWrt device to use with VLANs or as VPN Gateway.
Maybe on the next 23.05.4? :thinking:
The only issue I had is that HTTPS access doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone else tried it on this device? What's your experience?

To me, it's not worth buying, so I guess very few users here.

Why? 1x 2.5GbE + 1x 1GbE, so basically you don't get more than 1Gbps throughput, then why not NanoPi R4S? Much faster and already having stable support from OpenWrt.

On the other hand, there is a WiFi variant MT3000 (Beryl AX), so 1GbE wired LAN + some WiFi clients to fill the 2.5GbE WAN which makes more sense at least, while MT2500 and MT3000 both same SoC, why would I need the eMMC on MT2500 but not the WiFi 6 on MT3000?

If we ever figure out the fan issues.

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What problem you had?

I saw this was confirmed working here:

I also own the MT3000, well I really use it as travel router so right now still not seeing much problem.

It's much more expensive though at least where I live but you're right.

I also got that one, the 2.5G wan port makes more sense. However I think the MT2500 is a good device to use as VPN Gateway, and cheaper

Wait, a few weeks ago I realized the fan is always working on my MT3000, I thought it was normal but on the stock firmware it only runs when it reaches 70C :thinking:
So, it never stops completely?

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I had not seee that thread; and ,well, I'm old, my hearing is not so good. The on off that @bluewavenet was able to hear I cannot so I rely on the sensor readings.
They show it all over the place.

I finally put pil caps under the 4 corners to increase airflow and the temp settled down but, as you can see from the snip I just took, the fan is still all over the place above 45c and then goes into close to idle mode ~44c. I don't think I've ever seen 43c or below.

Anyway, we are trying to determin why it locks us out of lan but not wifi (drops IPv4 perodically); hoping it is heat related and getting it up off a table increases airflow enough to keep it very cool.

I do not tknow why I cannot get that through my thick head.

Not according to the sensor. Not that I have ever seen anyway. 1,400 seems to be 'idle'.

Interesting, I was using it for a long time but the fan's sound was so low that I was never able to notice it, I did notice the sound but on the stock firmware when doing an iperf speed test, now I see the reason why the fan is working even on lower temperatures, that would affect the fan's lifespan I guess. Would be ideal to start the fan when it hits around 65C

You don't get more than 400Mbps on Wireguard, what's the point here? There are MT7986 based device which provides more than double of MT7981.

Not sure which country you are in, but there should be better device available.

I don’t really need those speeds but yeah, I will probably end up with a NanoPi in the future

Have you got the plastic or aluminium MT2500.
My MT2500's going to be my gateway for everything, SNAPSHOT runs fine and I see GL-iNet are messing up the stock firmware at present.

I got the aluminum version, I’m currently using it as exit node with Tailscale because I’m behind CGNAT so I can’t host my own server anymore at home, it has been working fine so far. Maybe we get a stable release with the next minor update. I think I’ll keep my current snapshot just in case there’s a problem. I’m covered by AdGuard everywhere I go which is nice, and having access to my local subnets and servers of course