Gl-inet 750s gpio settings

current snapshot as of feb 22 2018 gpio 7 is not set to hi. this controls the usb port power to be on. there are also other gpio settings that are not set in snapshot that are set in gli-based firmware . including these setting to the build to enable these values would be great or perhaps someone could help me out with setting them.
looks like gpio 5 is for usb drives


below is snapshot for ar750s

/sys/kernel/debug# cat gpio
gpiochip0: GPIOs 0-31, parent: platform/18040000.gpio, 18040000.gpio:
gpio-1 ( |gl-ar750s:green:powe) out lo
gpio-2 ( |reset ) in hi
gpio-8 ( |mode ) in hi
gpio-19 ( |gl-ar750s:green:wlan) out hi
gpio-20 ( |gl-ar750s:green:wlan) out hi

below is output for gli firmware for ar750s

/sys/kernel/debug# cat gpio
gpiochip0: GPIOs 0-31, parent: platform/ath79-gpio, ath79-gpio:
gpio-1 ( |gl-ar750s:white:powe) out lo
gpio-2 ( |reset ) in hi
gpio-5 ( |sda ) in hi
gpio-7 ( |gl-ar750s:white:usbp) out hi
gpio-8 ( |right ) in lo
gpio-19 ( |gl-ar750s:white:wlan) out lo
gpio-20 ( |gl-ar750s:white:wlan) out hi
gpio-21 ( |scl ) in hi

There's a similar problem with the AR300 family. I need to update the patch for that around LED color.

I've been working on the AR750S for ath79, but the lack of any NAND drivers until Linux 4.19 put a damper on those efforts. I'll bookmark this and keep it in mind. (The AR300M NAND variant should have been removed ages ago as, while it builds, it can't run on Linux 4.14)

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