GL-AR300M16 or just AR300M?

The make of the unit I have is AR300M16 and I found this;

Is the repo link I have for this model? The page does mention the
Flash MB: 16, 128NAND

Just no mention of the full model of AR300M16 in the page so thought I should check.

And if I have the correct repo, which would be the best, nor or nand?
If I am reading things correctly, then I want glinet_gl-ar300m-nand.

Hi, your model no is AR300M16, that means no 128MB NAND flash inside, only 16MB NOR.
You could select any 16MB-NOR builds,

and cannot use 128MB NAND builds.

AR300M (does not have "16" in model number), comes with both 16MB Nor and 128MB Nand two flash chips, user selectable.

So the difference is either 16m or 128m of flash and 128mb of ram either way?

Yes, 128MB RAM

Thank you.

I used image builder and make glinet_gl-ar300m-nor.
The resulting files are;


This seemed to work fine, didn't brick it at least :slight_smile:

Can you expand of this please, it's not clear what you mean.
The model of the device I have is GL.iNet GL-AR300M16.
Do you mean the link I shared to the openwrt device is the wrong device?

I looked for GL-AR300M16 but only found GL-AR300M.

I guess you are confirming that the link I have to the openwrt info about this is correct?
I am aware that it has many sub models but I'm not sure what you are trying to say.

No individual openwrt site for AR300M16, maybe.

All AR300M nor flash builds, 16 can use.

Ok, I think I understand what you are explaining now.
The resulting build I used was this one and it seems to be ok so I guess all good.

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